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I’m Gary Burger of Burger Law. We’ve represented many folks for many years in a variety of types of claims, and we’re standing up against opioid manufacturers for their safety violations and what they’re doing to Americans. The opioid epidemic in America has killed tens of thousands of our neighbors. The opioid manufacturers have intentionally misled the public, the FDA and physicians about the safety of their drugs, the appropriateness of prescribing them for long-term chronic pain, how addictive they can be, whether they lead as a gateway drug to other drugs like stronger pain medications or heroin, and we read about these stories everyday.

Attorneys general across the United States are suing them for their fraud and misrepresentation, and it’s time to make a stand and get these opioid manufacturers to stop doing these. Stop making misrepresentations. Control the number of pills they prescribe. Properly educate doctors. There’s a whole host of things they ought to be doing and they’re not, and Burger Law and me, Gary Burger, here to take a stand for you.

If you have a question about an opioid death case or an opioid addiction that led to a death, please give me a call, Gary Burger at 866-599-2222. Go to our website, and get information about this. Call me, I’ll answer any questions if they’re not addressed on the website. Thank you.

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