Lawyer to Lawyer Opioid Overdose and Wrongful Death

Every case is unique, and the needs of the client may require expertise or knowledge in a field of law you may not practice in. The interests and rights of the client are best served when their case is aided or guided by an attorney who has legal expertise in such matters. If your case needs legal expertise that isn’t in your field of practice, Burger Law offers its Lawyer to Lawyer assistance and guidance. We will assist you in providing your client with the expertise they need to receive a beneficial resolution to their case.

Burger Law frequently co-counsels with lawyers throughout the Midwest in Opioid Overdose and Wrongful Death cases. Winning Referral Relationships are built upon open communication, dedication to teamwork and excellent service to the client. We’ve had significant results for clients resulting in substantial referral fees for originating attorneys.

We share contingency fees with referring lawyers per ethics Rule 1.5(e) very fairly. We always take calls from lawyers and offer our thoughts about cases and legal issues for free. We can also co-counsel by:

  • Direct Referral: We gladly collaborate with other attorneys who refer clients for representation per Ethics Rule 1.5(e).
  • Co-Counsel: We specialize in complex Opioid Overdose and Wrongful Death cases and are happy to collaborate with you to the degree that you see necessary. We will take on an advisory role, work with you on equal terms, or take the lead until the client receives full and fair compensation.
  • Trial Counsel: We understand that you might not need outside assistance until your case is set for trial. We will use our knowledge, experienced staff, and resources to help prepare for a successful trial.

Winning referral relationships are built on open communication, a dedication to teamwork and professional and excellent service provided to the client. We have built successful relationships with law firms all over the country and are committed to building a successful relationship with you. We invite you to leverage our experience, resources, and network of experts to get great results for your clients. The client can always remain yours, and we are transparent and honest– you can see the file or know what’s going on at any time.

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The Rules of Professional Conduct dictate that clients are best served by an attorney with the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation reasonably necessary for competent representation. Missouri Rule of Professional Conduct Rule 4-1.1. We would not prepare a trust, represent a client in a criminal matter or file a bankruptcy because we do not practice in those areas of law. So, we refer those cases to attorneys who concentrate in those practice areas.

Missouri ethics rules approve splitting fees between lawyers under Rule 1.5(e). This facilitates getting the client to the best lawyer for the type of case. Fee divisions are appropriate if: the division is in proportion to the work done or both lawyers/firms assume joint responsibility; the client agrees and this agreement is confirmed in writing; and the total fee is reasonable. We pay generous fees to referring counsel in civil and workers compensation cases. Our role with co-counsel varies from no involvement to working the whole case up and trying it with the referring lawyer. Most lawyers like to keep in communication with us and the client. Referring fees vary with different levels of participation. We typically finance the case and pay all expenses.

A substantial percentage of our practice is made up of cases involving car wrecks, truck crashes, medical malpractice, wrongful death and workers’ compensation claims. If you have a client with a complex Opioid Overdose or Wrongful Death case and want experienced and competent assistance in handling the matter, we invite you to contact our law firm. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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