How Does Burger Law Pursue Your Opioid Claim?

What happens after you call Burger Law with a potential opioid death lawsuit? What claims do I have? What does my lawyer need to know? This blog attempts to answer these questions for you and shows you the evolution of an opioid case – from the first call through the lawsuit.

When you contact Burger law with a potential opioid claim, you will speak to one of our experienced attorneys. Our wrongful death lawyers will ask you a number of questions in order to understand your potential case. Your attorney will need to know the following information:

  • Who is the victim? Is it you or are you calling about someone else who is/was addicted to opioids?
  • What are the details about the victim? Date of birth, if deceased – date of death, the cause of death.
  • Who prescribed the opioids to the victim? We need doctor’s names, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners (whoever wrote the prescriptions) medical practice details, and/or hospital information.
  • How often were the opioids prescribed?
  • How often did/does the prescribing provider see the victim?
  • What was the original injury/issue that caused the victim to be put onto opioid medications?
  • Which opioid medications did/does the victim take?
  • What effects has the addiction had on the victim’s life? There are often effects on a person’s marriage, career, finances, long-term health, and as happens too often, the addiction often leads to death.

After the initial phone call, Burger Law will begin investigating your case. We will gather medical records and review them. We will look for any issues with the way the opioids were prescribed. We will research the specific drugs that are relevant to your case. Many opioids are manufactured by companies that are known to use false and misleading advertising with medical practitioners and consumers. Most opioids are supplied without sufficient warnings to the public about the dangers of harm and addiction. We will review the legal issues in your case to ensure that your case is filed on time and with the proper legal claims and arguments.

Just because we talk with you does not mean we represent you. Once we have obtained sufficient information we will discuss representation or we may conclude that we cannot help you. If we are going to represent you, we will forward a representation contract and discuss the type of claims we can make for you. There are time limit statutes imposed on filing your suit, so you need to be concerned about that. Until we sign an agreement, we do not represent you.

After the investigation phase, and you decide to hire us, Burger Law will file a lawsuit in your case. In these cases, we have options depending on the facts of each individual’s situation. If the victim died from an opioid overdose or complications, we may file a wrongful death claim. If a doctor, a medical practice, hospital, or a treatment provider was negligent in the way that they prescribed the opiates, we can file medical malpractice claims. Often, we file claims against the drug companies for fraud, products liability, and negligence.

Once we file a lawsuit on your behalf, we will fight for you until the case is concluded. See our blogs from August 16, 2017, and others on this subject about how we do that.

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